What makes our paper models unique? With the existing paper model kits in the market, modelers are required to spend plenty of time on cutting and gluing processes. Due to the various complicated production processes, some of the modelers are easily giving up and unwilling to continuous the production to final products. Our paper models break through the traditional paper modeling technique. We are using the new and sophisticate techniques to produce a series of accurate paper model kits which cutting, gluing and painting processes are NOT necessary. Modelers can fully enjoy modelling in extremely simple way they have never had. The Self-detachable Hinge, Sophisticated Structure and Re alistic Painting techniques are the special features of our modelling products. The end products you made will become a valuable masterpieces. Who can assemble our paper model? Pretty much everyone :-) Seriously, anyone who has a little bit of time, and a relatively static hand and normal vision can enjoy our paper model. We have customers who are as young as 6 years old. What tools do I need? Tools are not necessary to assemble our paper models. However, having a tweezer will help picking up small parts. There are occasions when you find it’s easier to use glue or tape to help stablizing assembled parts.

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Wooden Beads, easy to string, can be used for counting, jewelry making and color distinction. An assortment of colors. 25mm in diameter with a 10mm hole. Pack of 100.

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Snap together components create solid wall attached unit for multiple use. Removable combo of lock top bins and handle easy carry tubs encourage fine motor artistic endeavors.


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Judaic Symbols Bead Assortment, large hand-painted ceramic beads are approximately 3/4″ in diameter. Seven assorted, hand-painted designs in a 49-piece pack. Large holes for easy stringing.

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This valuable resource will prepare students to take any test about the U.S. Constitution. Background information about U.S. history, including why it was necessary to formulate the Constitution is provided. Questions, pre-tests, and post-tests included.


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What girl doesn’t love beautiful pearls and ribbons’ Dressed up or dressed down, pearls are great for any occasion. This set lets girls make cool new jewelry in funky, fashionable styles. Includes heart-shaped jewelry box, pearl beads in different colors and sizes, ribbon, nylon thread, breakaway clasps and instructions.

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A few easy steps and this happy frog is ready to hop on up! Pins to any fabric and makes a great backpack accent! Comes with precut foam shapes, pin back and pompons. 3-3/4″ x 4-1/4″. S

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