Prang washable paints have non-settling colors. No shaking or stirring required. Perfect for small children, day care centers and early childhood programs. Paint washes easily from skin and most clothing with soap and water.


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Bright non-settling colors blend easily with creamy smooth textures and good working characteristics. Great paint for today’s busy classroom. Available in 12 colors in assorted sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz, or 32 oz bottles, a convenient gallon bottle, or an assorted case. AP certified non-toxic. Made in the U.S.A. 32OZ ORANGE


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Easy to hold, these markers let clients paint without a brush. Non-toxic, non-staining art tool features a special flow-free dauber to allow creative art fun without the mess. Great for creating posters, signs, banners and more. Available in sets of six 1-ounce plastic bottles.

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Brilliant green washable poster paint in an eight ounce flip-top, easy squeeze bottle! Melissa & Doug’s new premium-quality, washable paints are non-toxic and specially formulated to provide excellent coverage!

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Add the convenience of washability to Kaplan’s high-quality paint. It won’t streak, crack, or rub off and dry to a satin finish, and they’re so thick you may even want to add water for additional mileage. All Kaplan Kolors carry the AP seal (non-toxic).

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Explore the limitless potential of paint with 8 fun brushes! Each brush produces a different paint effect and is so easy to assemble and clean. Handles are 6″. Comes in a handy plastic storage bin. Includes idea guide. 8 per package.


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Our kit supplies the essentials needed to provide your group with hours of creative painting activities. Color Splash! washable paint removes from skin and most fabrics with ease. Color-coordinated, no-spill paint cups also help prevent messy cleanups. Includes 6 paint cups, 6 stubby brushes and 6 16-oz. bottles of washable paint in blue, green, red, yellow, white and black. Non-toxic.

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Spice Up Any Glass Surface with Window Paint Window chalk is great to use to celebrate a graduation or just to decorate windows. Show your accomplishments on your car windows, decorate your home windows, or draw attention to storefront windows with this glass paint. Yellow paint. Easy to apply to any glass surface by using the sponge tip applicator. One ounce. 4 1/2″ tall. Removes with a wet paper towel. Do not use on non-glass surfaces as it may permanently stain. – Shop By Category > Decorations > Window Decorations

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Tempera Paint: Green, 16 oz. – CK-2513 Kingder Tempera Paint gives you everything you want in an economy tempera paint – and more! Comes with a 5-year guarantee against separation and spoilage. It has an indefinite shelf life and will not flake, peel, crack or crumble. It is highly opaque and fully intermixable. Requires no shaking or stirring. Simply open the top and begin using. Paint can be changed to finger paint or acrylic simply by adding the Kingder converter. AP Sealed. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.


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