This construction toy contains over 90 colorful pieces in whimsicle shapes and a range of colors. There are no buttons to push, no batteries to install; to “operate” it, you just need hands and an imagination. ShapeScapeS inspires you to create an endless array of fabulous structures. Make a bird, a person, a sailboat or somethng of your own invention. You direct the play. ShapeScapeS are easy to put together and pull apart. You can make as many sculptures, wall hangings and mobiles as you like. It will captivate your imagination and free the artist within no matter what your age. Created by Los Angeles sculpture, Peter Mayor, this beautifully simple toy has been designed to stimulate innovative play and increase children’s special skills and color awareness. over 90 pieces of non-toxic plastic each piece easily interlocks into another includes brochure to stimulate ideas variety of colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black packaged in a cylinder with a lid for storage

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