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Over 520 theme-based stickers conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use pad. Each sticker book contains 8 pages that measure 5-3/4″ x 9-3/8″ and fits easily in a desk drawer at school or home.


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A great math aid that rapidly helps children identify the fraction parts of a rectangle. Each set contains two stamps: one numbered and one blank.


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Our set of sparkling planets stickers includes all nine worlds in our solar system, plus satellites, a radio dish and the Space Shuttle! These are perfect for kids to collect or for teachers and parents to award for a job well done. Includes one sheet of 13 stickers.

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Reusable stickers for on-the-go fun! Keep it in the car, take it on a plane, or pull it out at a restaurant. Theres hours of enjoyment with these stickers. Each tote includes 2 scenes and 5 sheets of reusable stickers.

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With 75 full-color reusable stickers, inviting scenes to decorate, and appealing, high-interest subjects, it’s no wonder kids are stuck on Sticker Stories! Whether big and fat, camouflaged or brightly colored, frogs are everywhere! See where you can put them-in the treetops of a rainforest, surfacing in a pond, or buried in the desert sand! 8.50 x 10.98in. 16 pages

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Spooky Stickers! Surprise your trick-or-treaters with something better than candy! The Mini Prism Halloween Stickers are the perfect party accessory. A fun favor for party goers and trick-or-treaters alike! Mini prismatic stickers. Assorted styles. 36 stickers per sheet. Help your guests remember how much fun they had at your haunted event by giving them stickers as a party favor give-a-way. – Shop By Category > Stationery > Stickers

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Variety and value that can’t be beat! Assorted Spanish Applause STICKERS® are a great way to reward progress in ESL/ELL, bilingual, and foreign language classrooms. Pack includes: T-47090, T-47116, T-47118, T-47120, T-47122, T-47125, T-47311. 15 sheets, about 280 stickers.


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