Embellish beautiful satin ribbons with fleece and felt flowers. Make a unique door curtain or trendy treatments for your windows. Adhesive appliques and hang tabs make for quick and easy installation. Ages: 7 + Manufacturer: Creativity for Kids

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When will I ever use this stuff? Students discover the answer to this question as they find solution paths to interesting scenarios, such as “What size popcorn tub is best to purchase at a movie theater?” Problem solving, logic, geometry, probability, and communication are among the skills addressed in this unique teacher resource.


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It’s easy to create beautiful sand works of art. Simply peel the picture a section at a time, apply sand and shake off excess. Each kit contains 3 5″” x 7″” pattern cards, 8 colors of sand in a new easy-to-pour dispenser, and easy instructions.

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Teach young children line strokes, slanted lines, circles, and curves before introducing them to the alphabet! After children have learned a particular stroke, the letters that utilize that stroke are taught. This resource encourages teachers to use a variety of multisensory techniques, including tactile, auditory, and visual activities to reinforce directionality and proper pencil control. Over 100 half-page activities are included. 64 pages


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Cast and Paint Kits are fascinating, creative projects for crafty kids. Each project takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete. This Cast and Paint Kit comes with a 3-D reusable mold, paint, paint brush and casting material. Create your own army by making up to four 3-d models, including soldiers throwing grenades. Play with them, display them, or share them with friends.

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Stretch your child’s imagination like never before. The Spark Art Creativity Kit expands your Spark Art Easel with even more creative ideas. The Spark Art Inspiration Pen “reads” hidden codes on color-by-sound sheets and magic-sound magnets, and the “Inspiration Pod” responds with fun sounds and phrases.

Kit includes 10 color-by-sound sheets and 8 magic-sound magnets featuring a magical Enchanted Forest theme. For use with Spark Art Easel, sold separately.

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Sketch on this 4.5″ x 3.5″ drawing board by turning the knobs. Shake to erase. Age: 4,5,6,7,8,9 Manufacturer: Toysmith

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Perler Beads the little fuse beads you iron! Perler bead products capture your child’s imagination and provide hours of fun and learning. Choose from 3-D scenes, creatures, bugs, fun figures, and others. With lots of projects in each, Perler Beads make great gifts!

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U.S. map, 39in. x 24in. (easy to assemble from 10 pieces) 51 license plates, 5in. x 2.5in. Alaska, 26in. x 24in. Hawaii, 1.75in x 5.25in. Legend. Compass rose. 4 Labels for major bodies of water. Header, 16.25in. x 3.25in. Resource guide.


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Create a colorful display that clearly illustrates and explains the fraction basics. Pack includes artwork, activity cards, and headings for including students’ work in the display.


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